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CareerMash spreads the word about the endless possibilities of today’s tech careers. Cool technologies bring innovation to everything – environment, health care, entertainment, shopping, mobility, our social lives and more. And it’s tech professionals who make all this happen. Today’s tech careers are interesting, fun, cool, and creative. They pay well and are in high demand.

Who we are

CareerMash comes from the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Talent Division – a not-for-profit whose over 300 members include major employers in media, finance, information technology, and telecommunications. Our partners include school boards, universities, colleges, industry associations, and the governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec.

ITAC exists to help make Canada a global leader in the 21st century knowledge economy. Today’s opportunities call for professionals who combine information technology with every field – media, gaming, healthcare, security, business – you name it! CareerMash aims to change perceptions and inspire high school students to pursue the tech-related careers of today and tomorrow.  

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