Art and tech careers are a mash up made in artistic heaven!

Examples of student projects from the Seneca College Visual Effects program.

Strong art skills are in demand for the wide range of art and tech careers that are behind today’s eye-popping creations from snazzy graphic web designs to the imaginary 3D worlds of games and movies.

Take your creativity and mash it up with tech to get jobs in areas like 3D animation, gaming, special effects for movies and graphic design for mobile apps and websites. Today more and more art careers involve technology - and they pay well too!

Love the special effects of movies and video games? Well, how about being the cool person working behind the scenes for a Hollywood movie studio or a video gaming company?

The gaming world is booming and Canada ranks third in the world with 16,000 people employed at 348 companies. Combine your creative ideas and images with technology to work for the Canadian offices of giant global gaming companies like Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed) or Electronic Arts (Battlefield 3, SimCity). Gaming companies combine art with tech in such careers as game designers and developers as well as audio sound specialists.

2D and 3D animators are also in demand for movies, TV and the Internet. Mash up your drawing skills with tech and make a mark in digital animation or special effects. Graduates of Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Animation degree have gone on to work for major studios like Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo) and Dreamworks (Shrek, Monsters vs. Aliens).

And, all of the films nominated for an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects in 2012 featured the artistry of a graduate or professor of Seneca’s Visual Effects for Film and Television program. The program focuses on software tools that create fabulous visual effects for both film and TV.

Got great ideas for multimedia websites or ad campaigns? Graphic designers create awesome visuals for ads, multimedia websites and apps. Even advertising and marketing jobs require an artistic and tech eye. Companies want marketing campaigns to find and keep consumers in more interactive ways online. They are also incorporating artistic designs for social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

So use your artistic talent to land a happening career!  Learn more from the CareerMash Art and Tech career profile.

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