Mashing up an arts and tech career

I joined the CareerMash Student Advisory Panel this year. The panel provides student input for CareerMash website content and events. At our first meeting, we talked about the types of tech career information that would interest students and help them understand that these careers are really in demand. All of us on the panel are in different programs varying from information Technology to International Baccalaureate – an international learning program.

I’ve just started grade 9 in Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major at R H King Academy in Toronto and being involved with CareerMash has made me start thinking about how I can combine my interest in the arts with tech. One area that would interest me the most that combines tech and the arts is product design, helping create and improve products, especially for companies as creative as Google and Apple.

Looking at links provided by CareerMash under the News and Events section gives me an idea about which jobs are in high demand or will be in a couple of years. Also looking at the CareerMash video about finding a career in tech - Tips and Advice on Finding a Tech Career - is helping me merge two things I love to do (tech and arts) into a career option.

If you look through the Career Profiles on, you’ll see tech jobs that mash up with arts like 3D artist and animator for making movies. And, every business uses websites so there is demand for graphic designers and tech marketing professionals who write content or manage social media for companies. Canada is a leader in making video games and you could be an art director or sound designer on new games being produced.

As students, we’re all doing so much work for university, college, careers and internships. But how much of it will matter? How much of it is actually worth it? We’re going out of our way because we want to be guaranteed a job, or the perfect lifestyle. Most of us are even settling for jobs we don’t really like, just because of the perks that go along with it.

But here’s the good news: it’s never too late to change your mind! Tons of new tech jobs and careers are being created every day. The question that always comes to mind is which career is the best one, and for whom? To find a career that’s best for you, you can never say no to new opportunities, try not stress yourself out and realize everything will work out right. A career is like prey, you’ve got to keep searching for the best one and when you find it you’ll be ready to catch it.

Examples of Arts and Tech Career Mash Ups

  • 3D Artist - Canadian schools with animation programs rank among the best, with many graduates recruited by top name film and game studios across North America. Plus, 3D artists are now in demand for many other uses, like simulating cancer’s progress at the cellular level or what happens inside an exploding star.
  • Art Director (video games) - The objectives of artistic directors on video games are focused around three main areas – design, negotiating with other contributors and monitoring that the technique produces the right results. An artistic director leads a team of graphic designers and integrators, ensuring that the graphics support the context of a video’s gameplay.
  • Sound Designer (video games) - Sound designers add the music, special effects and audio atmosphere that help make a video game exciting to play.
  • Illustrator - Illustrators create the images that bring the communications strengths of information technologies to life through videos, multimedia and websites.
  • Tech Marketer - Tech marketing careers include a wide variety of activities such as strategy, product launches, market research, media campaigns, event management, competitive intelligence, design, copywriting, and web or mobile apps.

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