BTM TalentMash competitions give students a chance to test-drive skills and win prizes

View highlights from ITAC Talent's annual BTM TalentMash conference

ITAC Talent’s annual BTM TalentMash Conference is designed to connect employers with Business Technology Management (BTM) students, spread awareness about the BTM program and create a forum for students to connect and have a great opportunity for professional development.

At last year’s BTM TalentMash Conference, we organized several exciting student competitions that offered participants a chance to apply their business and technology knowledge learned in the classroom to solve real-world problems, such as helping organizations attract and recruit the millennial generation or finding a solution on how cyber threats can be measured.

Besides applying their knowledge to a real-world setting, students also got a chance to meet leading Canadian employers who sponsored and judged the competitions – CGI and Canadian Tire.

This week, ITAC Talent caught up with some of last year’s winners to see how winning BTM TalentMash competitions has benefitted their career.

Zaman Dubey, Accounting Student, Goodman School of Business, Brock University

Zaman was one of the two winners of the Gold Competition, supported by CGI. He took on the challenge of finding a solution on how large organizations can attract and recruit the millennial generation. By winning the contest, Zaman received a cash prize of $1,000.

Zaman’s competition experience opened his eyes to the amount of technology organizations use and how fast it is evolving. His favourite part of the competition was the practicality: “the ideas that I proposed are practical suggestions that can be implemented in many organizations,” he said.

“Technology plays a huge role in all businesses. As a student, you should broaden your horizons by attending events like BTM TalentMash. Technology is everywhere and our generation especially needs to keep up with it more than any generation before us,” Zaman said.

Saleh Alebi, Business Technology Management Student, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Saleh was part of Team 360 Consulting, the winning team for the Platinum Competition, supported by Canadian Tire. The Platinum Competition had students design a strategy to help get people online, supporting the Digital Canada 150 ambition to become a fully networked nation. The final prize allowed every member of the team to spend the day learning from Canadian Tire’s Chief Technology Officer and interview for the company’s Next Generation Talent Program.

Saleh enjoyed the broad nature of the case and how it allowed him to think outside the box. “ It's definitely a memorable experience in my university career. I learned so much, got to meet and network with amazing people and received insight into what one of Canada's leading employers are planning for the future in regards to IT,” he said.

Warfa Hassan, Business Technology Management Student, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Warfa was also part of Team 360 Consulting and winner of the Platinum Competition. He was nervous to present the project to the panel of judges at first: “I was used to presenting in front of students and professors that I knew and then I was suddenly presenting in front of executives at Canadian Tire. I wanted to make sure that I was representing Ryerson to the best of my ability and thankfully it went well.”

After getting over the nerves, Warfa found the competition to be an extremely rewarding experience. “If I hadn’t done it, then I would be the same person I was a few months months ago. These challenging experiences help you grow as a professional. I’m going to continue participating in these kinds of competitions to get more comfortable with making business presentations and networking with employers.”

All three winners had an amazing time participating in the competitions and attending the BTM TalentMash event. They got to network with professionals, translate their learning into real world applications and overcome some nerves. If you’re up for an experience like no other, you should check out the 2015 BTM TalentMash conference – more details to be announced shortly.


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