Can’t play a note? You can still build a career in music and tech!

Working in the music industry is awesome because you don’t need to be a musician or even know how to play an instrument to have an exciting career in music.

From collaborating closely with artists to give songs just the right pitch to creating special sound tracks for movies and games – the music industry thrives on tech pros who mash up music and tech!

While artists and producers grab all the limelight, their recording success gets a lot of help from tech professionals working behind the scenes. Large Canadian music labels like Sony, Warner, and Universal provide about 3,300 jobs across the country, according to a report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers for Music Canada. But the biggest employer is the independent Canadian music industry that employs more than 13,400 people every year, according to a Canadian Independent Music Association Report.

You could be a sound designer and create such memorable sound effects as the lightsabre weapon that was created by Ben Burtt for the Star Wars movie. Or you could be a sound engineer and listen to every note in the recording session to make artists sound pitch perfect and turn their songs into major hits!

If you’re more into attending events and following artists on tours, then you could be a live venue engineer to make the concert experience seamless for those screaming fans. You could even become a DJ and remix popular songs through digital music software to add your own personal touch to an event.

Check out the CareerMash music and tech mashup section to learn more about the different careers and educational paths you can take to a cool career in music!

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