Business Technology Management (BTM): Giving students the skills employers are looking for. An inside look.


Today, most organizations incorporate technology in their daily business processes. Because of this, demand for tech skills is increasing. Professionals need to be as confident in their business knowledge as they are with their tech skills to stand out with potential employers across various industries and sectors – from finance to healthcare.

Demand is high and growing fast for professionals with a combination of business and technology skills. Some 200,000 professionals are in business technology management jobs today – twice as many as 10 years ago! Employers – in every industry – will need 50,000 more by 2016.

The Business Technology Management (BTM) program seeks to aid this by teaching students a combination of business and technology skills and helping them become proficient in both these areas. This allows new graduates to stand out with potential employers and be more adaptive for the emerging jobs – some of which have not even been named yet.

BTM offers a compilation of courses ranging from: economics, finance, marketing, software development, systems analysis and many more. Because of these courses, graduates from the BTM program have found their way into several traditional industries such as consulting, finance, accounting, the insurance industry as well as other non-traditional industries such as healthcare and agriculture. There is a wide range of opportunities available to BTM graduates and their skills are sure to stand out with employers across multiple sectors.


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