Calling All Youth - Add your voice on how the Global Digital Society can change the world

This is the first in a series of weekly blogs where we chat about how the Global Digital Society can change the world as a lead up to the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam in April & May.

If you’re passionate about how digital technology might solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, then we want to hear your ideas on the global digital society!

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam’s school events and online activities in April and May want your big ideas! The Youth Tech Jam will lead up to a World Tech Jam in June – a much larger, international jam exploring the same topics. Top contributors of the second Jam will be invited to attend a conference in Montreal!

The Digital Tech Jam for youth is part of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2012) - the world’s largest annual tech conference which is focusing this year on the Global Digital Society. It will also be the first time the event is being held in Canada so it’s our time to shine!

WCIT’s Digital Tech Jam this spring will be a massive online brainstorming session spanning 72 hours, where participants – including young people – from around the world will be invited to collaborate and contribute ideas in a real-time conversation.

Young people are “invited” to join so you should enter your ideas now to try to be selected as a participant. Fill out the form on the WCIT website.

The discussion among WCIT’s 3,000 participants will be focused on the theme ONE Vision for a Global Digital Society. The WCIT discussions will lead to a grass-roots driven Global Digital Society Action Plan to equip people with the knowledge and tools they need to fulfill the promise of the digital age.

WCIT World Tech Jam - June 2012The Congress wants young people to have a strong voice in the Plan because as “digital natives,” they are already at the forefront of using digital technologies every day! From local mobile health initiatives to far-flung networks that address climate change, young global innovators are showing the world how to fuse technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

CareerMash’s Youth Tech Jam May 11 will be a local opportunity for young people to share their ideas for the Digital Global Society. We’ll help you get into the issues through our series of weekly blogs that’ll explore the role digital technology will play in the future with a focus on the WCIT’s five priority themes:

  • Healthcare and medical research
  • Education and digital skills (CareerMash’s main focus!)
  • Smart cities and transportation
  • Environment, energy and sustainable development
  • Media, arts and culture

We’ll dedicate at least one post to each topic to get the conversation started, provide resources and different perspectives. We want your input on questions such as: Is technology and social media enhancing or destroying our news media and culture? What role will digital technologies play in enabling scientists to monitor, analyze and manage environmental change at a planetary level? What will modern health care look like in 2050 and what role will digital technologies play in the transition?

So start thinking of ideas and keep an eye out for our weekly WCIT blogs! Next week we’re chatting with WCIT’s director Anthony Williams. He is also co-author of two books: Wikinomics, how mass collaboration is changing business; and Macrowikinomics, how mass collaboration is revolutionizing how we live, learn, create, and care for each other. He’ll tell us a little more about the event, how to prep and why your voice matters. 

Save the dates:

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam – classroom sessions in April, final event May 11
WCIT's World Tech Jam – June 5
WCIT – October 22-24

Learn more about the themes of WCIT’s Digital Tech Jam, which CareerMash’s Youth Tech Jam will share as well.

Watch this video to find out more about Canada hosting the WCIT in October 2012.

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam in the Blog

Anthony Williams, lead organizer of WCIT World Tech Jam

Learn about WCIT from an interview with Anthony Williams, the leading organizer for the event


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WCIT: How smart cities and sustainability are changing the world


WCIT: How digital technologies save energy and help make the planet a greener place


WCIT: The power of digital media, arts and culture


Calling All Youth - Add your voice on how the Global Digital Society can change the world


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