Save lives, fight disease with a career in health and tech!

TEDxTO YouTube video showing the incredible possibilities of health tech

Today more than ever, healthcare is being revolutionized by groundbreaking technologies that help save people’s lives. From mobile apps that monitor diseases to robotic limbs the handicapped move with only their thoughts, health and tech careers are helping change people’s lives!  

So many exciting tech innovations are happening in the healthcare industry that it’s hard at times to keep up! For example, the field of prosthetics is making cutting-edge advances like enabling people to control robotic artificial limbs using only their thoughts!

The mobile revolution is also impacting healthcare in a huge way by creating smartphone apps for treating patients as well as helping people manage illnesses such as diabetes on their phones. Mobile tech will soon make it possible to find ways for predicting heart attacks before they happen and this is just the beginning!

People who stand behind these tech advances are not geeky aliens and many are not even doctors. They come from a wide range of educational backgrounds like biomedical engineering, robotics, health informatics or data analytics.

Professionals like network managers look after the networks in hospitals where even a split second of downtime could threaten lives.

Health informatics analysts make sure digital medical records are available anywhere, anytime, allowing even paramedics on the scene of an accident to have the most updated information about a victim. 

And, biomedical engineering technologists are the ‘doctors of health tech’ who respond to urgent calls to fix equipment glitches before they can impact a patient. 

There are many different post-secondary programs designed to fill the need for health and tech professionals. So, what are you waiting for?

Read our Health and Tech Mashup to learn how to get there and start planning your exciting and fulfilling career!

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