CareerMash’s Youth HackJam show youth the possibilities of a career in technology

“Everything and I mean everything is technology.” These were some of the words that reached over 80 students at CareerMash’s Youth HackJam last week. The event which took place at the Mozilla Space in downtown Toronto exposed youth to the possibilities of a career in technology. With the help of several guest speakers and exhibitors from local tech entrepreneurs and start-ups, the HackJam celebrated youth, technology and innovation.

Featuring 4 enthusiastic guest speakers, students learned about the different career paths in technology and the value that a career in tech entrepreneurship can offer. “Whatever you’re interested in, go with that and see how it intersects with the technology side of things. Technology intersects with everything, it’s where the jobs are, it’s where the possibilities are and it’s the world that we’re going into,” expressed Mark Reale of Bnotions as he drove home how interwoven technology is in all careers.

The event helped students view tech entrepreneurship as a viable and realistic career path, something they may not have even been aware of before. “I learned that entrepreneurship can be done with a few simple tools and connections,” said one student after hearing the encouraging words from our speakers.

Following the speakers, students were given a chance to explore several exhibitor booths. The exhibitors brought hands on technology, from programmable robots, customizable wearables and a 3D printer.

The activities combined technology with real world applications, showing students just how much technology intersects with every part of their lives. For example, students got a first-hand look at a 3D printer, “When you talk about the 3D printer, they talk about how it’s basically the telephone. It’s one of those technologies that is emerging and is going to be everywhere and be a lot of what we do,” explained the Toronto Tool Library. Knowing this, students are given an idea of just how much jobs will revolve around the new technology.

As the day wound down, one student reflected on her experience, “Really, everything is fueled by technology. This is a great way to expose us, younger people to technology.”

While everyone had an amazing day at the HackJam, it is clear that none of it would have been possible without the amazing support of our speakers, exhibitors and the tech industry as a whole. All corners of the tech industry came together to help motivate youth and inspire technology careers.

If a HackJam sounds like something that interests you, then be sure to keep an eye out for future CareerMash events. We’ll continue to inspire tech careers, where you can learn about the value of technology and innovation.


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