Announcing the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam essay contest winners!

David and Naheer answered the CareerMash call to students across Canada to write a one-page essay identifying a problem the world faces and how digital technology could be used to fix it. Because of their great essays, they’ll be taking an all expense paid trip to Montreal in October to represent Canadian youth at WCIT2012.

David, from Delta, British Columbia, wrote a really innovative essay on how to farm sustainably and efficiently using cool tech. He proposed multi-storey agricultural fields, similar in design to parking lots. His came up with solutions to soil erosion, access to sunlight, pesticide run-off and efficient harvesting. He even imagined robots that could harvest the crops!

In the opening of his essay, David told us why he is interested in sustainable farming: “Ever since I learned about soil erosions on farmlands and the extensive amount of land used for human food resources, I have been thinking of a new technology that will solve these problems. I have observed a few parking lot buildings which conserves the amount of land used but increasing the amount of cars that can be stored. The same concept can be applied to farmlands.” See David’s full essay – Farmlot Buildings.

David is in his first year at the University of Alberta, where he is studying biochemistry. In his spare time he likes to play chess and hopes to work as a lifeguard to help pay for school.

Naheer is from Scarborough, Ontario, and chose to write about how online and distance education can grow to be more interactive and personal for students and teachers regardless of where either are located. She outlined using holograms that could interact for language instruction, which she hoped could help share native languages at a risk of disappearing.

“I chose to write about Education and Digital Skills as they were both subjects that I had some knowledge about and even more, was highly interested in,” said Naheer of her essay entry. “I want to become a teacher, so knowing about the technological side of education and how digital skills can prepare you for the world out there is crucial to me and to those that I will teach.” See Naheer’s full essay – Automatic Translation Software.

Naheer started her first semester at York University in Toronto this fall, where she is studying English and French. In her spare time she loves to cook and dreams of combining her love of languages, teaching, cooking, and technology into a published cookbook in the future.

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