Celebrate youth, innovation and technology at CareerMash’s Youth HackJam

CareerMash's Youth HackJam is taking place on Thursday, May 28th from 9am-1pm at the Mozilla Space in downtown Toronto at 366 Adelaide St. W. Suite 500. The HackJam and mini maker faire will celebrate youth, innovation and technology. Here’s why you’ll want to check it out.

The event will showcase speakers from Ryerson DMZ, MaRS Discovery District, Science Expo and BNotions talking on innovation in the tech industry and the value of entrepreneurship.

Exhibitors will also be leading youth through hands-on activities that incorporate technology. Take a look:

Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs has reimagined the 8-week developer bootcamp. Based out of HIGHLINE, Toronto's top tech hub, they teach people to code in a way that truly prepares students for amazing careers.

The Lighthouse Labs booth will demo how to structure a basic HTML/CSS sheet and see the results in real time. The booth will also feature a station where students can play games created by Lighthouse graduates after only 8-weeks.

Logics Academy

Logics Academy is a co-curricular experiential learning STEAM service and product provider specializing in Robotics & Aerospace education.

Logics Academy’s booth will demonstrate student projects in mechanics, electronics and coding! Students will be able to use scratch programming to control robots and learn how to use Arduino to develop their own creations.

Icewire Makerspace

Icewire Makerspace is an educational space where kids and adults can learn the basics of electronics, robotics, Arduino and 3D printing through group or individual classes.

Icewire’s booth will demo their Zumo robots, where students can try programming and solving challenges using block programming methods.

Toronto Tool Library

The Toronto Tool Library is Toronto's first community space for sharing tools as wide ranging as generators and drills, to 3D printers and an open-sourced Laser cutter. Anyone can access the library!

Toronto Tool Library booth will give a demonstration on 3D printing. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions as well as try out 3D modeling using a basic, cloud-based program.

hEr VOLUTION in collaboration with the Space Tourism Society of Canada

hEr VOLUTION is a non-profit organization working on access to innovative education and employment services to girls and young women in STEM education.

Space Tourism Society Canada’s aim is to unite enthusiasts on a local, national and international level and to inspire innovation and creativity in providing space experiences for all.

STS Canada and hEr VOLUTION will present a short presentation at their booth along with a hands-on marshmallow challenge that will teach how to build a successful landing shuttle experience in space.

STEAMLabs in collaboration with the Textile Museum of Canada


STEAMLabs is a non-profit community makerspace, where people of all ages and abilities come together for access to high tech tools, to learn and to create.

The Textile Museum of Canada (TMC) is the only museum in Canada that explores ideas and builds cultural understanding through the universally relevant media of textiles.

Together, the Textile Museum and STEAMLabs will be doing a wearable electronics activity. Students will combine fabric and sewing with LED lights to make their own high tech fashion statement!

Technovation Academy of Science and Technology

Technovation Academy is non-profit that is dedicated to helping young minds develop science and tech savvy skills while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. They provide educational resources for students grades 1-8.

Their booth will have students explore art and technology, and using electronics will create a spin-o-matic art-making machine!

If you want to get involved and celebrate youth, innovation and technology, then come out to CareerMash’s Youth HackJam this Thursday, May 28th.

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