Create your own career as a tech entrepreneur like Eden Full

Eden Full’s video interview with Forbes when she was 19

I believe that Passion + Hard Work = Success. Life is too short to not do the things you love and fight for the things you want to protect.” Eden Full

At the age of nine, Eden Full built a simple solar car from a toy store kit. From that point on she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life – invent new technologies that will make solar energy more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Within 10 years of that toy kit igniting her passion for solar energy, Eden has earned more high-profile achievements as a tech entrepreneur and inventor than most people do in a lifetime. The international awards and acclaim are for Eden’s invention, the SunSaluter. It’s an inexpensive rotator gadget designed to generate up to 40% more electricity from each solar panel by keeping it turned towards the sun all day like a sunflower! Because many developing regions don’t have electricity, the SunSaluter powers itself with the sun (of course!).

Eden has founded her own company - Roseicollis Technologies Inc. - to develop and take her new solar technology to markets around the world. The SunSaluter has been deployed in two pilot projects in Kenya with planned implementations for Peru and southern India.

Here are a few of Eden’s achievements and her career has only just begun!

Read more about Eden in her CareerMash Meet The Pros profile.

Follow Eden’s tech entrepreneur career progress on her website Passion Prevails and on Twitter @roseicollistech.

Consider an Entrepreneur and Tech Career Mashup

Tech entrepreneurs like Eden Full have a vision for what’s possible and won’t stop until they achieve it.  They’re passionate yet relentlessly resourceful in building something out of nothing. Think you might have what it takes? Check out the CareerMash tech entrepreneur profile.

There are also amazing university support programs and incubators for would-be entrepreneurs like Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) and the University of Toronto’s Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship. The University of Waterloo has the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre as well as a residence just for student entrepreneurs. VeloCity. Simon Fraser University’s Venture Connection program for entrepreneurs provides experienced advisors, funding opportunities and other business connections.

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