Embrace your inner musician to strike a chord with tech employers


Calling aspiring Lordes, Justin Timberlakes and Taylor Swifts of this world to look into information and communications technology (ICT) careers. Why? Because a music background cultivates numerous skills tech employers are looking for to fill some of the hottest jobs around – from graphic designers, web and mobile app developers to information technology (IT) consultants and systems analysts.

A recent study titled Music - A Catalyst for Technology Hubs and Innovative Talent released by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) shows that music experience and training can contribute to a tech professional’s success, bringing benefits to our digital economy as a whole.

A background in music leads to better social skills, improved memory, better self-esteem and even higher marks in English and math, studies in neuroscience and psychology suggest. It can also enhance creative and innovative thinking by stimulating both halves of the brain (analytical and artistic) – all much sought after qualifications in the technology industry that thrives on innovation.

While most tech employers do not particularly look for a music background when hiring new talent, they do look for individuals that demonstrate leadership, problem solving, teamwork, adaptability and initiative – the skills that music experience and training cultivate very effectively.

So go on and embrace your inner musician – take guitar or piano lessons, sign up for a music course at your school or even consider taking a music-related program in college or university.

You can also combine your music hobby with some tech education in a field like computer science or computer engineering to become a well rounded tech professional and make the tech world your musical instrument!

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