Four New Year’s resolutions to ring in your tech career


Lay the foundation for your exciting tech career with these four measurable and attainable New Year’s resolutions that will help you discover your talents, shine a light on what you’d like to do after graduating high school and help you get the most out of 2014. 

  1. Take a free online course

Websites such as CourseraUdacity and Mozilla School of Webcraft, offer a wide selection of tech courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for absolutely no charge. Whether you want to explore the basics of web development, programming, software engineering or data analysis – these websites have got you covered.

2.    Master a new tech skill

Organizations like and the Code Academy offer fun and free coding tutorials to show you the things you can create with some programming skills like building your own video games.

Mozilla Webmaker offers fun online tech tools like the Popcorn Maker or Thimble for learning video editing and web development.

And let’s not forget YouTube – the universe of free tutorials for any tech skill you can think of.

3.     Participate in a tech workshop/event

Organizations like MakerKidsMozilla Webmaker and Girls Learning Code hold tech events and workshops all year round to get you working with some of the hottest tech around like 3D printers and robotics.

Select a day, grab your friends and have a blast while learning some hot tech skills.   

4.     Create a LinkedIn profile

It’s never too early to create a profile on LinkedIn – the social media site for professionals. LinkedIn is a hub for building a professional network and even searching for a job or a volunteering position. Build up your professional image by adding your skills, courses, awards, jobs, languages and then easily share your profile with prospective employers.


Now that you’ve created a checklist of your New Year’s resolutions, keep track of your progress by sharing your new skills, awards and tech events you've attended with your LinkedIn network.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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