Genevieve L’Esperance Makes Geek Chic!

At age 18 Gen is the founder of a web-based channel that engages young women to think about technology,

If you think geek isn’t cool, you haven’t run across Genevieve L’Esperance. At 18, she’s a one-woman powerhouse for all things tech with her website Gen INC for Tech Divas, Geek Goddesses and Gamer Girls. She wants to take Fem Geek global, especially to women in developing countries.

In a Montreal Gazette story Genevieve says, “There are 3 billion girls out there and every one of them is an opportunity for something innovative, something helpful to society.”

Genevieve gained her Microsoft Certified Professional at 15, then added a technical specialist certification and teaches programming. She has helped Microsoft get girls interested in technology by promoting its free software, Worldwide Telescope that turns any computer into a virtual telescope to explore the universe.

But she’s not just about tech. Genevieve has worked as a model and actress plus has a black belt in karate and is a cross-country runner.

Check out her interview with film-maker James Cameron, director of Avator & Titanic, who also wants to see equal numbers of women and men in science, technology, engineering & math.

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