Get inspired by video game careers at the Ontario Science Centre Game On 2.0 exhibit

A video by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada on the success of Canada’s video gaming industry

Don’t miss the Ontario Science Centre’s special Game On 2.0 exhibit, which features a hands-on exploration of the history, culture and future of video gaming entertainment and tech.

The presenting sponsor of the show is TriOS College, with a display adjacent to the Game On 2.0 exhibit showing how video games are designed and developed. The display inspires students to see gaming as a rewarding career and more than just a pastime. TriOS gets students career-ready by providing hands-on training and in-demand skills that are relevant in the gaming industry today. These key skills help TriOS graduates find employment in no time at such globally renowned companies as Microsoft!

Valued at $1.7 billion, Canada’s gaming industry is the third largest in the world and there’s no recession for game makers - the industry grew by 17% between 2011 and 2012, according to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

CareerMash staff enjoying a game of Joust at Game On 2.0

Today, video games are no longer used just for entertainment. Many businesses are developing video games to train and motivate employees. Also, education is increasingly turning to gaming to make learning fun. This “gamification” of everything raises the demand for talented professionals in the field who can create games for all types of digital media.

Are you passionate about video gaming entertainment and tech? Then steer your passion in the right direction by exploring an exciting career where you can both work and play! Explore CareerMash gaming industry profiles:

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