Girls visit tech companies to explore career possibilities

Take Your Kids to Work Day has come a long way since I was a kid and thankfully so. My day at work was not nearly as exciting as the recent event organized by Girls Learning Code to introduce 15 girls aged 8 to 15 to the possibilities of technology careers.

During my day at work with my mom, I was given a tour of her office including the mailroom, lunchroom and warehouse. I left that day bored, restless and not even remotely interested in what my mom did. That sure wasn’t the case for the girls attending We’ll Take Your Kid to Work Day organized by Girls Learning Code. These girls ended their day excited about tech after visiting Toronto companies Mozilla, Torstar Digital, Shoplocket, Hubba and Jet Cooper.

Representing CareerMash, I had the role of kicking off the event by getting the girls talking about why they chose to participate in the special day, what they enjoyed about technology and all the different ways they could mash up their personal interests with a technology career. I was blown away by the level of experience that these young women already have with technology. Many of them are already coding to create their own websites, blogs and graphic designs.

Girls get hands on tech experience during Take Your Kids to Work Day

With each visit to the different companies, the girls got hands on experiences with technologies to experience some of the career possibilities that working in tech can provide. A few highlights included inventing their very own products and posting them on the sales page with ShopLocket; creating profile websites with Hubba; and making their own logos with JetCooper.

The ladies of Girls Learning Code did a remarkable job creating a tech-filled learning experience. It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful young women. It was also incredibly empowering to see that even though technology is changing on a daily basis, there are women out there who are passionate about keeping up with the changes and being more than consumers of technology. They want to be on the forefront of these careers by creating, building, leading and inspiring. See the CITY TV story about the event - Ladies Learning Code to hold girls-only event.

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