Grab your friends and party with Mozilla this summer

The World Wide Web has been really quite spectacular and not something I would have predicted.”Jon Postel, American computer scientist involved in the development of the Internet.

More than 20 years later, Postel’s quote is becoming more true with each passing day as new mind-blowing Web tools are invented. Just consider how much our lives have changed with the invention of the web, social media and mobile apps.

What ordinary people with simple digital skills can do on the Web today is different from just a decade ago. People are now creating their own content on YouTube and social media, building mobile applications and starting online businesses.

Organizations like Mozilla - a non-profit recognized for creating the open-source browser Firefox - are striving to get more people excited about webmaking tools. They want to show the world that it’s quite humbling to create something digital from scratch and be proud that it’s your baby.

That is why Mozilla has officially kicked off their Maker Party 2013 – a worldwide movement that celebrates the web and what it allows us to create. Running from June 15 to September 15, thousands of people the world over will meet up at schools, parks, mall food courts and many other places to create, collaborate, and showcase their work, as well as pick up new tech skills from other participants.

You can join the party by finding a Maker event near you or hosting your own event with friends. Also, if you’re just hanging out this summer and thinking of things to do while you’re at home, you can still get involved in the Maker Party movement by using Mozilla tools like Thimble or Popcorn Maker. With these new digital tools, you can either create your own project or remix an existing project and show it off to the Mozilla community by using the #MakerParty tag.

Let’s get this party started, guys and gals!

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