Here’s why you should attend Canada’s largest coding event: HTML500

Lighthouse Lab’s HTML500 is set to hit Toronto on February 22nd. The coding camp making its tour across Canada, has hit Vancouver, Calgary, London and soon to be Toronto, with the Vancouver outing accumulating over 2000 people on a waiting list.

Here is a quick rundown of the event:

Lighthouse Labs has invited 50 of Canada’s top tech companies to help teach you and 499 other people how to code. You will learn how to create your own landing page, get the opportunity to network with over 100 developers and maybe even get hired. All this will take place February 22nd, at the MaRS Discovery District from 9:30am – 5pm for free.

Events like this are a great way to get people of all ages interested in tech. For example, most people don’t know what HTML is or how it works. This is huge, seeing as HTML language is the building block for nearly every website on the Internet. Considering the number of people that use the Internet on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how beneficial knowing the basics of reading and writing HTML can be and how its importance will only grow in the future.

Learning some coding skills is a great way to improve your chances of landing that perfect job. As a recent graduate myself, I will say that learning tech skills will give you a serious edge in today’s job market. After graduating from business school, I looked through countless job posts. I didn’t see a single post that didn’t ask for at least one tech skill, whether it was search engine optimization, Adobe skills or HTML coding. In fact, the most commonly asked for skill was HTML.

Finally, initiatives like this help increase diversity in technology related careers. The Vancouver outing had attendants of all ages, genders and nationalities. Lighthouse Labs went out of their way to make the event appeal to all members of the community, including First Nations.

I registered for the event myself, and hope to get invited to the Sunday, February 22nd date. I encourage you all to do the same and see the event for yourself. Who knows, maybe coding could become your new passion!


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