How today’s tech trends are shaping demand for tomorrow’s tech jobs

In our last post, we talked about the benefits of a music background in a tech career. This week, we’ll tell you about some of the hottest tech careers of the future.

Employment in the IT sector is projected to increase 22 percent by 2020, according to the 2014 Tech Trends Forecast White Paper by Modis Canada - a global IT recruiting firm.

With new technologies developing all the time (even right this second), what will the tech world have in store for us this year? What jobs will be in demand in the years to come?

You’re probably asking these questions as you're thinking about what to do after high school. Don’t worry, the 2014 Tech Trends Forecast White Paper has awesome suggestions on what will be hot in the future. 

1. More mobile apps

47 percent of Canadians use smartphones and 21 percent use tablets every day, the report says. As mobile use grows, organizations realize the importance of interacting with consumers on the go - whether on that morning commute, in school or at the gym. The best way to do that is through a mobile app that is fun, a little addictive (think Candy Crush…OMG) and also engages us with company’s content and marketing campaigns.

That’s why demand for tech professionals like mobile engineers, software engineers and app developers will grow in the future as more organizations across all industries start investing in their own mobile apps.

2. ‘Bigger’ data analytics

We leave traces of ‘big data’ about everything we do online – from our (often weird) Google searches to countless Facebook likes. Companies are using that information to target us on a more personal level, with the most valuable information at the most convenient time. 

So it shouldn’t be surprising that demand will be growing for people with strong math and analytical skills to sort through mountains of that online data to predict the kind of information consumers will care about.

​3. Converging healthcare and technology

Electronic health (eHealth) is booming, as seen with programs like ConnectingGTA - a $72 million initiative that will allow patients to share their electronic health information securely across the Greater Toronto Area for timelier and better service.

This means that jobs in health information management and other health and tech areas will be hot in the years to come.

4. Demand for better cyber security

The recent horrifying security breach of a major North American retailer – Target – that affected over 70 million customers shows just how important cyber security is and how much money and reputation it can put on the line.  

To prevent company and customer data from being accessed by sneaky hackers and other wrongdoers, organizations will be looking to hire professionals like data security managers, security administrators and analysts to build strong(er) security systems and minimize the effects of possible cyber attacks.

All of these emerging trends are driving demand for tech professionals with the right mix of tech skills and business savvy, but there is a growing shortage of talent supply to fill these tech jobs. 

That's why we at CareerMash inspire high school students like you about pursuing the well-paying, in demand and exciting jobs in the wide world of technology.

Which tech trend excites you the most? What career do you think would best fit your personality, interests and lifestyle?

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