Mashing liberal arts with tech doubles job opportunities


You want to study a liberal arts program like languages, history, political science or communications but get discouraged when you hear some people say it’s hard to get a job with an arts degree.

Worry not. A new study shows how you can nearly double your job prospects while staying true to your passion for liberal arts.

Students graduating with liberal arts degrees usually have soft skills in communications and problem solving that are much sought after by today’s employers. Mashing up your soft skills with some tech can boost your chances of getting hired, a new study called The Art of Employment from Burning Glass Technologies says.

Mashing up at least one technical skill with liberal arts education can nearly double the available job opportunities and bring an average salary premium of $6,000, the study says. Here are five tech skills mentioned in the report:

  • Social media

    Skills needed for strategically using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr in careers such as marketing.

  • Computer programming

    Knowledge of major programming languages like A++ used to develop computer programs and applications.

  • Graphic design

    Skills in designing interfaces and images for websites, apps and other media using computer software like Photoshop.

  • Data analytics

    Skills needed to collect, manage and analyze vast amounts of data that organizations use for everything from identifying consumer trends to improving healthcare services.

  • IT networking

    With so much of what we do every day on computers dependent on networks, demand is high for IT networking skills that can solve basic computer problems or manage and maintain networks so they never let an organization down.

Developing awareness of the in-demand tech skills in the labor market like programming, graphic design or data analysis while in high school can help you tailor your programs in college or university that can increase your job prospects by the time you graduate.

To find out what tech areas you might be interested in, try getting hands-on experience through an internship or volunteering with an organization that will help you polish your tech skills, all while staying true to your passion for liberal arts.

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