Looking for a good time? Check out Mozilla’s Summer Code Party

Do you plan on spending your summer playing video games or glued to Facebook? Why not use that online time to make a cool website or meet new friends around the world by joining Mozilla’s Summer Code Party!

You may know Mozilla if you use its Firefox web browser or its free email software, Thunderbird. But the non-profit Mozilla is now lighting a fire under its new global program for a web literate planet with the goal “to help millions of people move from using the web to making the web.”

Mozilla wants to help the world increase their understanding of the web and take greater control of their online lives. They’re asking anyone “with a willingness to make, learn and engage using the open building blocks of the web” to join local events or organize their own at camps, summer schools, libraries or with a bunch of friends.

That’s what the Summer Code Party is all about – learning how to build a website, make a video, build a game or design an app. It launches June 23 and runs to the big wrap-up September 23. 

There are three types of events you can organize: a Hack Jam to transform your ideas into real world solutions; Kitchen Table where you and your friends help each other learn how to do web stuff; and a Pop Up where you throw a party to create a network in your city by inviting local groups to play and learn together. Register and explore the Summer Code Party website.

Also, check out some of the tools Mozilla has grouped together through the Mozilla Webmaster Project it announced last month. There’s Hackasaurus for making your own web pages within a browser and Popcorn for supercharging online video. Later this month, Mozilla will release Thimble a simple web page editor that uses a series of ‘projects’ to help you learn the basics of HTML and CSS while you’re actually creating something.

Mozilla has partnered with dozens of organizations around the world for the Party, including CareerMash!  Our former webmaster, Lisa Hayes, will be part of a Toronto Hack Jam on June 23 with fun web learning activities for parents and kids aged 8 to 14. Lisa will be part of a panel talking about all the amazing cool and creative careers being created in tech today. Unfortunately, the event is so popular it’s already booked up but you can sign up for the wait list in case people cancel.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in web-related careers, here’s some related CareerMash Career Profiles:

Mobile apps designer
Mobile apps designers are creative innovators, able to imagine what users need before they know they need it. But they also have to be super practical to transform a creative design into an app that delivers quick entertainment or information in the least number of screen taps.

Video game tester
Video game testers get to be the first players of new games but their idea of fun is making sure every element of the game works as planned, without any bugs or errors

Game Designer
Whatever type of game you dream to design, there’s a fit right here in one of the world’s largest game design centers. Canada’s $1.7 billion gaming industry ranks third in the world behind Japan and the U.S

Web useability specialist
By understanding how people navigate and use website information, the web useability specialist ensures all aspects of web design meet user needs.

Web technician
Web technicians are the “go to” experts whenever anything goes wrong with a website on the Internet or a company’s intranet.

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