Robotics careers focus on amazing life-changing advances

It’s pretty hard to trump the sensationalism of the daily images from NASA’s Curiosity as the robotic rover searches the surface of Mars for sign of life. But Curiosity’s robotic cousins here on Earth have been grabbing their own fair share of headlines recently, showing robotics is a hot tech field filled with careers focused on life-changing advances in everything from the environment to helping the handicapped through bionic limbs.

As Hurricane Isaac battered the southern U.S. last week, a marine robot called Wave Glider was right in the middle of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico, sending back real-time data on the hurricane’s strength from its sensors that measure things like water temperature and wind speeds. Being able to collect scientific information like this in the oceans – especially during hurricane season – could help save lives by better monitoring storm data as they form and more accurately predict their paths.

Here are a few videos of recent robotics advances from the serious like bionic artificial limbs to fun examples like a robot noodle chef. And of course, cool views of what Curiosity did in its first week on Mars as reported by its famous flight director “Mohawk Guy".




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