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When you think “retail career” you’re probably not thinking 'tech' because the professionals who create the coolest things in shopping today are having their fun behind the scenes. They are the unsung innovators who create all the nifty digital tech shopping tools you take for granted like easy-to-use websites and mobile apps that find the best deals on whatever you’re looking to buy.

Creating innovative, convenient and fast ways to shop online is one tech career area that needs the best and brightest talent to keep thinking up new ways for stores to win the digital race against competitors, especially as mobile shopping explodes.

In 2012, 45% of Canadians planned to do part, or all of their holiday shopping online. More people are shopping either by computer or mobile device for convenience and avoiding the stress of crowded malls, according to an eBay Canada survey.

And, for people who still prefer going to the mall, retail tech is bringing new and innovative ways to shop there too. For example, body scanning booths are popping up at mall entrances in the U.S. and Europe.

You step into the booth and in seconds, it takes 200,000 measurements in 360 degrees to come up with your exact clothing sizes. Click a few buttons and you’ll even get a list of which stores in the mall have what you’re looking for in stock.

If you love being among the first to know the next new thing in gadgets or fashion, retail needs you! Data analysts are in demand to assess all kinds of retail data collected from stores, websites or apps to identify shopping trends from the buying preferences of shoppers. Analysts can give retailers a wide range of specific details like sales intelligence on which brands are hits and which are flops or what sells best in different cities or geographic areas of the country.   

Finally, if you think designing mobile apps might be your thing – think retail! Consumers are always looking for the latest cool apps that do things like find the best deals closest to a shopper’s location or get reviews of a product by scanning the item’s bar-code with a smartphone right in the store. 

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