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WCIT 2012 June 5-7

You use digital technologies every day on your iPad, your smartphone and social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Without even knowing it, you’re already an expert on digital technologies.

As a young person you’re part of the most tech-savvy generation to ever walk the planet and the World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT 2012) is especially interested in your insights on how tech can solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

WCIT 2012 wants young people to use their imagination and contribute creative ideas on the future of the global digital society at the World Tech Jam from June 5 to 7 – one of the largest online tech crowdsourcing sessions ever held. Up to 20,000 tech experts and non-techies will brainstorm ideas for 72-hours straight. These ideas will help develop a Global Digital Agenda at the WCIT 2012 event being held in Montreal October 22 to 24.

It’s simple and fast to sign up now to reserve your place at by filling in the form at - World Tech Jam Registration

Check out the application tool that will be the heart of the Tech Jam and see how works at the WCIT video --  Learn How to Jam  It’s really cool how it’s set up to share ideas in forums and real-time chats. You can even create your own network of jammers to find people and content you’re most interested in. When you post an idea, any comments from others are posted to your personal stream.

A group of leading tech experts will moderate the online discussions for the World Tech Jam which is divided into five main themes - Collaborative Healthcare; Education - Closing the Global Skills Gap; Smart Cities and Transportation; Energy, the Environment and Sustainability; Media, Arts and Culture in the Digital Age.

Each of these themes above link to a CareerMash blog we wrote on the theme so check them out to get some ideas. CareerMash’s executive director, David Ticoll, will be one of the moderators for the Education theme. As a partner of WCIT 2012, CareerMash recently completed a warm-up to the World Tech Jam with our own series of Youth Tech Jams.

We visited seven schools across southern Ontario through April into May, then held a large Youth Tech Jam assembly at the Ontario Science Centre May 11. In total, we jammed with 500 students! Read some of their digital ideas in the blog - Students get buzzed about tech at CareerMash Youth Tech Jam.

You can even use the World Tech Jam to get your own ideas to enter the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam essay contest and win a trip to WCIT 2012 in Montreal. Contest entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on June 30, 2012. CareerMash will select one winner and one runner-up. Both the winner and runner-up will be awarded round-trip airfare to Montreal, accommodations for themselves and a chaperone as well as a free pass to WCIT.

So get going. Sign up now for the World Tech Jam and add your voice to the best and brightest in the world!

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