Combine your eye for style with a passion for gadgets in a fashion and tech career

StyleCoalition and Microsoft give a glimpse into the future of fashion and tech

Tech is transforming the fashion industry, turning simple outfits and accessories into head-turning fashion statements that can light up fabric with your texts or 3D print your very own designs instantly.

Whether it’s new trends like wearable tech and 3D printing or social media channels that make it easy for indie designers and small fashion houses to showcase their collections – tech is making a fashion statement! 

As more fashion houses and designers develop new ways of using technology, the demand for professionals who combine style with a passion for gadgets is growing as a new career area. The wearable tech field alone is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2016, according to Gartner research

Our interaction with technology is becoming more mobile and effortless thanks to wearable tech that adds computing functions to clothing. A-list stars are now sporting app-enabled LED dresses that get everyone staring because of their bright and colorful flashing lights. Microsoft Research has even created The Printing Dress that lets you text what you’re thinking right onto the dress for people to read!

3D printing is becoming an alternative to traditional ways of making clothes for everything from shoes to lingerie being - you guessed it - printed! With a site like Shapeways, you can create your own jewellery design, upload it to the website and get it 3D printed and delivered right to your home!

Mobile apps are booming too in the fashion industry, with apps like Dream Closet that brings your whole wardrobe to your smartphone so you can match up new clothes to what you already own when you’re shopping. With new fashion-related apps created every day, the demand for mobile app developers in the fashion industry is at an all-time high.

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