Toronto teen’s AppHero called ‘best free app ever'

We’ve all been frustrated by trying to find just the right app out of the 800,000 on Apple’s App Store. If you want something like a simple exercise app, your search brings up hundreds of possibilities and you’re still no closer to finding the one that fits what you’re looking for. That’s where AppHero comes to rescue!

Working from his parent’s basement like so many tech upstarts before him, Toronto’s Jordan Satok created AppHero at the age of 17. He designed AppHero to make it easy to find the perfect app by using your personal interests and needs to narrow down the search from hundreds to a few in a matter a seconds.

And, once you’ve downloaded AppHero, it actually learns from everything you do on your iPad or iPhone to make sure it recommends awesome apps you’ll love. In a recent interview with Jordan, NBC News Cleveland called it the 'best free app ever."

At 19, Jordan is now founder and CEO of AppHero Inc. He has a team of engineers and PhDs working on making each new version of AppHero even more amazing. He’s creating a lot of buzz in the media and last summer, he captured the title of the youngest Canadian CEO to raise venture capital for a startup, netting $1.8 million to launch his company.

Learn more about Jordan’s app career journey through the links below. It’ll get you buzzing too!

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