Twitter/Music Mashup: Drasko-V @ TEDxToronto

Top Tech Talks @ TEDxToronto: #5 

TEDx Toronto

Friday, I was fortunate to check out TEDxToronto, an annual showcase of innovative and provoking talks, this year surrounding a theme of ‘redefinition.’ These talks took pages from sci-fi novels and shifted the dynamics of technology - from a filmmaker with a camera for an eye to a 17-year-old who invented a micro search engine as a science fair project. This week we’ll be bringing you the top five coolest tech talks. Kicking it off, Drasko Vucevic, the interactive music composer and sound designer.

Drasko-V may have been a performer at TEDxToronto rather than a speaker, but his interactive musical composition was too neat to be excluded.  Mashing technology, social media and music, Drasko-V and two other musicians created a music track in real time that was triggered by audience tweets from around the world.

Drasko-V's Twitter/Music mashup at TEDx TorontoOn his blog, he explains: “We decided to create a software system that would analyze tweets (based on TEDxToronto hash-tags) and send signals to the audio software, which would then trigger additional sound effects, loops and melodies, to add onto our existing creations on stage. So, for example, if someone tweeted “#TEDxToronto tempo up,” the music would automatically jump up in tempo at a certain rate. Or, if someone tweeted “#TEDxToronto beats sfx”, they would trigger some drum beat elements and a random set of sound effects.”

The performance used a keyboard, laptop and drum machine. This mashup of live music composition, software and electronic audience interaction was an energetic and colourful array of sounds, effects and visuals. It was truly a cool performance that provided a neat perspective on the relationship between performer and audience – and technology and music. 

Interested in learning more about sound design? Start with Tweet A Sound, a free desktop application we found that uses ‘Twitter as a platform for sharing sonic tweets.

Update Oct. 21/11: DraskoV just posted this video 18hours ago!

Drasko V - TEDxToronto 2011 (Feat. Matt Davis & Daniel Harley) from Drasko Vucevic on Vimeo.

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