Students inspired by tech at Canada’s largest undergrad tech conference - CUTC

I recently attended the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC INFECT) where everyone got excited by tech and the possibilities it holds for their future careers.

Many of the 4,000 attending Canada’s largest tech conference for post-secondary students had chosen tech programs like electrical engineering, programming, web development and graphic design at schools all over Ontario. I was there to produce a video for CareerMash on why undergrads choose tech programs. When I asked them why they decided to study tech, the most popular answer was because technology is the future - it’s everywhere and it’s unstoppable.

Students realize that tech-related careers can lead to the big bucks and any kind of personal interest or hobby can be combined with some tech know-how to create unbelievable stuff like wearable tech, health monitoring tools, mobile apps and video games - just to name a few.

As one of the main sponsors of the event, Facebook organized a Hackathon all-nighter to inspire students to build anything they dared to imagine. It was a night filled with energy drinks and snacks. The young and driven tech enthusiasts got guidance from Facebook engineers in creating some very impressive stuff. Students built things like social video viewing software and apps that help startups find key employees. And it all happened overnight!

Coming into the conference the next morning, I saw people peacefully napping on couches after the night-long Hackathon. I caught myself smiling, not because I found it funny, but because it was inspiring to see students with so much passion that they would stay up all night to create amazing stuff.

When I asked if studying tech is as difficult as it seems, one student said, “once you see the kind of stuff you can build from scratch, you get so blown away that you just can’t stop doing it. It’s like magic – a true modern day superpower.”

Tech nerds? Please. Call them “geniuses of the future.” They will soon rule the world. If you want to combine your personal interest in something like arts, fashion, crime, entrepreneurship or health with a digital edge, check out our Career Mashup page!

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