Want to become a spy?

Canada’s usually hush hush security and intelligence agencies are looking to recruit the best and brightest in computing and math to help protect the country.

A Globe and Mail story says Canada’s new Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing is like a “school for spies” that’s recruiting the best minds to protect the country’s security through its super-secret work in electronic communications. That’s a huge challenge these days as governments everywhere spy on information to uncover threats plus try to block hackers from getting at data.

As part of the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the Tutte Institute does classified research in cryptology and data mining/knowledge discovery. It’s top secret because CSEC also works with British and U.S. spy agencies on highly sensitive technologies, the Globe says.

Only catch is that the Tutte Institute’s work is really advanced, post-PhD research so openings are few. But CSEC has a broader range of careers like intelligence analysts, mathematicians, computer science specialists and engineers in hardware and software systems. Check out CSEC – Careers

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