Want to win a 3D printer? Tell your teacher about Tech Career Awareness Month!


CareerMash’s new Tech Career Awareness Month (TCAM) program is launching this February to bring you first-hand tech career guidance from leading tech experts and a chance to win a 3D printer for your high school. Upon completion of the program, you will also get a certificate of recognition from the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills.

Don’t forget to share this opportunity with your teacher - spaces are limited.

Once your teacher signs your class up for TCAM {signup link here}, your school will automatically be entered into a draw to win a 3D printer - one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time.

The 3D printer giveaway will include a hands-on workshop from a Toronto start-up, MAKELAB, to show you the deets behind using computer aided design (CAD) software to 3D print a variety of objects like toys, miniature buildings, tableware and household tools.

To help you learn more about the creative potential of 21st century tech careers, the TCAM program will bring leaders from fields like video game design, software engineering, graphic design and mobile app development to your high school.

With engaging presentations and virtual classrooms led by tech experts from various industries and organizations, you will get the helpful career advice you need as you are making that key life decision about what program to study in college or university.

The 3D printer giveaway will get you working hands-on with tech that is already revolutionizing industries like fashion, film and healthcare by providing innovative ways to make jewelry, clothes, movie props and even human organs with the use of CAD design software.

As the 3D industry is expected to grow to 8.4 billion globally by 2020, you can be sure to see rising demand for professionals with tech skills like CAD design and 3D modeling in the next couple of years.

Ready to imagine your future in tech? Share this opportunity with your teacher who can sign up your class for the TCAM program.

Note: If you’re an educator looking to enrich you students’ classroom experience - reserve a spot for February Tech Career Awareness Month today!

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