WCIT: How smart cities and sustainability are changing the world

Fifty-two per cent of the world’s population lives in cities. Now, imagine a city where subways and cars drive themselves, your iPad controls your home, and cops can predict crime before it happens.

This may sound futuristic, but it’s already here. Technological and digital innovations are making cities and transportation smarter, paving the way for feats we could have never dreamed of before. Smart cities depend on the creation and implementation of more efficient, green and effective technologies.

This week we’re diving into the role digital technologies play in smart cities and transportation. This is the third theme of this year’s World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) where up to 3,000 delegates from more than 80 countries will meet in Montreal in October to develop a Global Digital Society Action Plan that will not only shape the future of information technologies (IT) but also the future of humanity.

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam

As a partner of WCIT, we’re holding the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam, - school events, online activities, contests and prizes through April and May leading up to a large student Jam at the Science Centre on May 11.  For full details, check out our brand new CareerMash Youth Tech Jam web page, which also includes links to all our previous blogs on how digital technologies are changing our world.

As part of the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam activities, we’re looking for your ideas on how smart cities and sustainability can have a global impact.  Here are just some of the ways we’ve found. What have we missed? Is your town doing something innovative? Tell us below!

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam in the Blog

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