Why Business Technology Management (BTM) programs are in demand


Today, business and technology skills go hand in hand. Whether it's entrepreneurs starting their own mobile apps companies or tech pros introducing cloud computing to Canada’s healthcare system. It’s no longer enough to just understand tech – you also need to be business-savvy to identify real business problems that can be solved with technological innovation.

That’s why student applications for the Business Technology Management (BTM) programs have been rising by an average of 24% each year. Offered by 13 universities across Canada including Ryerson UniversityUniversity of Toronto MississaugaLaval University and University of Alberta, BTM programs offer a hot mashup of business, technology and management skills. For example, some of the courses taught in BTM programs are network design and management, systems architecture, marketing, finance, operations and human resources management.

Over 90% of BTM program graduates find jobs after graduation, which goes to show that employers need people who understand how to leverage technology to meet the changing needs of our fast-paced world.

Just think about how online shopping is already disrupting retail, how smartphones and mobile apps are transforming the telecommunications industry, and how DNA mapping technologies are disrupting healthcare. Technology is at the heart of every industry, enriching traditional roles while also creating new tech and business mashup positions of the 21st century.

Being a recent graduate of the BTM program at the University of Toronto Mississauga, I started seeing demand for my communications, business and digital skills before I graduated. From not-for-profit to market research organizations, from insurance to mobile apps companies – my skills give me an opportunity to experience an array of creative, technical or business roles in the course of my career.

For example, I can see myself in roles such as web content writer, business analyst, project manager, social media marketer, and many other exciting positions in the future. I feel like the world is my oyster - all thanks to my university program and the versatile selection of business and technology courses that prepared me for a rewarding and modern career.

I learned that one great way to get familiar with tech-related careers is by attending conferences and meeting like-minded students and industry professionals. That’s why Canada’s Coalition for Tomorrow’s Information and Communications Technology Skills (CCICT) - an organization that launched CareerMash - has partnered up with Ryerson University to bring together BTM students across Toronto and southwestern Ontario for a day of learning and relationship building at BTM TalentMash 2013.

TalentMash is a free conference hosted at the Ted Rogers School of Management on September 14, 2013 that will celebrate the importance of business and technology skills with inspiring keynotes from companies like DeloitteBell Canada and Manulife, as well as competitions, networking sessions and opportunities to get involved.

Would I have wished to see free networking events like this while I was still in university? You bet. An opportunity to feel out the industry without spending a penny is crucial while you’re still a student. Like the famous American actor and director Woody Allen says, “80 percent of success in life is just showing up.” I proved this to myself over the last four years while attending university and going out to networking events.

If you’re currently a BTM student, come out to BTM TalentMash! You can register here.

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Hello, any idea iof the CCIT and Talentmash will host an event similar to this one in Montreal?

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Submitted by Darya on
Hi David! This is something we are currently exploring. Please stay tuned!

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