Why students say YES to tech [video]

A video by CareerMash on why tech is the future

While attending Canada’s largest Undergraduate Technology Conference – CUTC – I asked undergrads why they chose to study tech. Their responses were anything but boring and nerdy. Read the blog to get inspired!

Being a fresh grad of a tech degree, I wasn’t sure what to do with the extensive skill set I got while studying the Digital Enterprise Management program at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Having taken a broad range of courses from business to coding and writing, it took me a while to figure out what I would actually like to do in my career. I did well in business and tech-related courses, but I also knew that I wanted my career to take a more creative route.

It wasn’t until my last semester of undergrad that I got involved in a student club - Digital Enterprise Management Society - as a creative content writer and newsletter manager, which shaped my career aspirations big time. Through this volunteer work, I discovered my passion for writing about tech, business and career advice. And the fact that my undergrad program was a perfect mash up of digital and business skills that are so hot in our economy right now helped me get my job at CareerMash fresh out of school.

That’s why one of my first projects for CareerMash was attending Canada’s largest Undergraduate Technology Conference - CUTC - and collecting video footage from students just like me who know studying tech can lead to careers with endless possibilities for changing the world.

During my two days at the conference, I searched for students who were glowing with passion for all things digital and asked them why they chose tech undergrad programs. The amount of material I collected was so solid that I decided to blog about it too!

Technology means different things to different people. Some get the kick from creating something from scratch, others appreciate the ability to mash their personal interests with up-to-date tech skills to live by the famous Confucius quote: “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

All student interviewees were positive about their future career prospects in tech. For example, Justin Chu, a Computer Science student from McMaster University said:

“The tech field is so open right now that I can see myself potentially anywhere – the best part is that you can open yourself up to so many companies.”

And if you’re wondering what post-secondary program to choose, just try to imagine how tech careers are changing the world. Julien LaPointe, a student from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario told me:

“Tech is forming a buzz phrase – ‘the Internet of things’ – where your home appliances like your phone, fridge or dishwasher will be communicating with each other through the Internet.”

This is just one example of the tech inventions in the making that will sure blow our minds. New digital jobs and professions are formed with every new technology advance - just imagine the possibilities when you graduate!

And if you’re not inspired yet, consider what Ryan Patterson, a social engineer at Facebook said:

“I really like the ability to create fantastic things using computers. It’s very simple and doesn’t cost you much more than a computer, which you probably already have.”

Tech is that easy. It’s that awesome. When you start thinking of the tech pros as people with the same capabilities as you and me – you will realize that you can create anything you dare to imagine!

To view other inspiring student responses, check out the CareerMash video - “Why Students Say YES to Tech!” (above).

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