WOW! Can computer chips replace human brains?

IBM Innovators are mashing up nanoscience, neuroscience, supercomputing and cognitive computing to create a chip that thinks like our brains. They hope to transform today's computers from being basic processors of information to being more human-like in how they think, reason, learn and react.

IBM's experimental computer chips will mimic the brain's ability to think and learn as it interacts with whatever's around it, just like we do.  First Big Blue wowed us in February when its supercomputer, Watson , cleaned the clocks of human competitors on Jeopardy. But Watson was only programmed to play Jeopardy and he'll seem pretty stupid next to what IBM is planning next.

It's going to take several years before IBM gets all the moving parts just right but ultimately, it's aiming for one chip with 10 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses!  Watch how the 'brain chip' might change everything!

What kind of cool things would you create if the brain chip was available today? Imagine the possibilities!

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