Your fun time on social media can turn into a tech marketing career

You may think you’re just fooling around and having fun on sites like Facebook or YouTube but you’re actually gaining skills in today’s most powerful tech marketing tool – social media.

Over the past decade, websites revolutionized how businesses communicate with existing customers, connect with new ones and even keep employees in the loop. Now, social media is becoming as essential as websites to business marketing because it’s more real-time and more personal than a website, appealing directly to each person’s likes or dislikes.

This doesn’t mean that websites are going to disappear anytime soon. A lot of what’s circulated on social media is designed to drive people to the company’s website for more information that might turn them into customers. But for that to succeed, marketing professionals have to really understand what works on social media and what doesn’t.      

For example, a new mobile phone service provider in your city wants to attract young people with its free, unlimited texting plan. They’ll use the tried and true marketing tools like advertising on TV and making sure their website shows up in Google searches for mobile phone service providers or free texting. They’ll also try to get people to ‘like’ their company’s Facebook page as well as place ads on social media sites specifically targeting young people.

A company’s marketing really snowballs if they can get you to ‘like’ them on Facebook or tweet about them on Twitter, getting your friends to do the same to their friends and so on. Companies are being made or broken every day based on how well they use the power of social media.

And, as the first generation to live on social media day in, day out, you’re already learning the basic skills that are the foundation of a great online marketer. Probably without even knowing it, you already know what works and what doesn’t based on your own experiences with social media.

If you’re intrigued by the exciting ways technology is changing our lives through companies like Bell, Rogers, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Xerox and any number of smaller tech business – plus you love social media – you can combine the two in a tech marketing career.

One fun part of an online tech marketing career is that social media is constantly evolving so you get to work with the latest and greatest new tools every day. You’ll creatively develop strategies that keep changing as the social media tools change. If you’re never bored using social media in your personal life, you won’t be bored at work either!

Just about every college and university program that leads to a career in marketing includes a social media element these days. You can take a bachelor’s degree in business or commerce with a specialist stream in marketing. Understanding business is important because to be a successfully online marketer, you need to know what drives sales, how effective advertising attracts new customers and strategies for managing a company’s brand. You can also take college certificate programs in marketing or marketing management.

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