You’re never too young to explore digital careers

Why do I love attending tech events? Because it inspires me to see the immense level of engagement from students of different ages, groups and backgrounds. And when they interact with cool new tech gadgets and programs, the excitement just skyrockets to new heights. Would I really want to miss out on that action? Not a chance in the world.

The CareerMash Day Out — Your #FutureFTW event held at the aesthetically beautiful Mozilla Community Space in downtown Toronto on June 1, saw a strong turnout of high school and post-secondary students, joined by some parents and exhibitors. High school students took turns exploring the photo-editing workshop held by Girls Learning Code, and a Popcorn video-editing tutorial by Mozilla Webmaker

The activities got students discovering their tech passions and considering different educational streams to pursue after high school. Undergrad students also got a lot of perks from the event - mingling with the tech pros on key topics like job search and tech trends.

On an even sweeter side, CareerMash team was serving one-of-a-kind gourmet donuts at the event (displayed on our Pinterest board) that no doubt made sweet history for the organization. Other highlights of the day included prize giveaways — the Cineplex Night Out Movie Package and the iPad mini.

Our youngest attendee — three-year-old Daniel Darmin — attended the event with his family and won himself a new toy — the iPad Mini. He also couldn’t keep his little hands away from all the cool tech workshops! After I met Daniel, I got a feeling that this world will soon meet another Mark Zuckerberg.

At the end of the day, everyone was well networked and sugar-rushed. A win-win outcome for all! Check out some of the best pictures from CareerMash Day Out on Pinterest.

And don’t think that this event was your last chance to get involved in some exciting new CareerMash activities. We’re now putting the final touches on our new Online Mentoring Program that will launch in the fall. The program is a chance for high school students to ask questions and get career counselling from the tech pros, as well as interact with post-secondary students about what it’s like taking tech-related courses in university or college. Stay tuned for more information coming in just a bit!


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