Youth are empowered by tech but won’t pick tech careers

Know what’s really cool? Our current lifestyle. Know why? Because we’re surrounded by beautiful, practical, creepy, intimidating advances in technology. Whether we like it or not, in some respect or another, technology has been infused into every conceivable part of our lives.

You don’t think so? I’d just like to point out that you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or a smartphone. All three allow you to access the entire wealth of knowledge known to man. You can slip one of them into your pocket. If you told this to someone 50 years ago, do you honestly think the person would believe you? And this is what I’m talking about! Our lives run as smoothly as they do (or not as smoothly….) because there’s some form of technology behind everything we do today.

Here’s the thing though - it’s time to truly acknowledge that what our generation of youth has is a first – we have the ability to share anything with the entire earth, easily and rapidly. Whether it’s an idea, a project, a song, a problem, a solution… you can share it.


And this is so empowering! We can be the creative problem solvers, we can be the imaginative forces bridging gaps. Our minds are sponges and the Internet is the Atlantic Ocean of learning. As long as the spark of interest and curiosity exists within us, boundaries don’t exist.

But what happened? Somehow, something went wrong with this first generation of kids that has all this freedom to learn, to innovate… Scarcely are we choosing careers in which we can take advantage of the wild new technology. Why? Stigmas about what tech careers are really like. (I’m guilty of perpetuating that myself the odd time).

We frequently associate coding as a geeky, dorky practice.  Everyone jokes about how the only kid that’s going to end up writing code for a career is that gross, acne-ridden random kid with greasy hair. But tech careers aren’t just about coding. They’re about taking advantage of scientific knowledge and principles, and applying them for practical purposes.

Take a moment to ponder how ludicrous the stigmas against tech careers are. We’re glued to our cellphones and laptops. We’re obsessed with Facebook and Twitter, and we LOVE YouTube. They all exist because of people who find new ways to change the world with all the crazy cool things tech can do.

So why wouldn’t we want to learn how to create the next latest greatest app or choose a tech career where we could really make a difference? Our generation could make something better.

I genuinely have faith that youth will realize that tech careers create this universal, magical future where you are the ultimate wizard of everything.

Tech is great. Let’s drop the stigmas and take advantage of it.

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