What CareerMash Type Are You?

Today, every job uses tech. But in a tech career, you don’t just use tech – you create, support, manage or sell the technologies that other people use. CareerMash can help you mash up your personal interests with tech in a career that's interesting, fun, cool and creative. And, tech careeres are also well paid and in high demand!

Lots of opportunity in tech careers

The number of IT jobs in Canada is growing fast – from about 600,000 in 2001 to 800,000 today. And up to 400,000 people from administrators to accountants support these tech professionals. That’s close to 1.2 million people in the tech field and they aren’t just working in the tech sector. They work in banks, hospitals, energy companies, retailers, and everywhere else. That’s one out of every 14 jobs in Canada!

But here’s the thing. Today’s tech-related careers combine anything you can imagine with technology:

  • Artsy tech mashups include game design, mobile apps and social networking.
  • Information technologies mashup with other tech fields like medical research, financial analysis and greentech.
  • Core tech combines cutting-edge mashups like ethical hacking, cloud computing and data analytics.
  • Every business area needs people who mash tech with business and leadership skills. In fact, business-tech CareerMash jobs are among the hottest ones out there.

Start your career exploration

Whatever your interests, a CareerMash can allow you to do what you love. One way to design your own tech career is to start with your passions (like hockey, games, communications) and imagine how one of the many areas of tech innovation can be turned into a personally rewarding career.

Another way to decide is to browse tech-related jobs. But where to start? Hundreds of different CareerMashes exist, in dozens of different fields. That makes it hard to even know what’s out there, let alone what’s the best fit for you.

CareerMash helps you sort it out by classifying careers into four categories: Leader, Innovator, Builder, and Problem Solver

►Find out which type you are.