What is a CareerMash Builder?

Builders take complicated ideas and create the applications that bring them to life

Builders create the applications that bring ideas to life. Natalie Hooper, a self-taught, self-employed Android apps builder, lives in England. With 11 apps in the Android Marketplace, Natalie is studying for a BSc in Mathematics. Here’s why she loves programming:

I still remember my first “hello world!” program. This was the most exciting thing ever! I’ve never been very good with manual things so my attempts at various craft projects at school were never very rewarding but with programming, I could create something and make it look like it was supposed to! So, why do I love programming?

  • I love problem solving, both the process and the rush of adrenalin when the problem has actually been solved.
  • I believe programming can help make the world a better place, bringing tools that will help us in many fields, such as medicine, scientific research and so on.
  • I love technical challenges.
  • I love testing my own logical abilities.
  • I love using an app I have made myself.
  • It’s challenging, fun and useful  :)

Celebrity Builder

If you’ve seen The Social Network movie, you know that Mark Zuckerberg built a program called Facemash in his Harvard University dorm in October 2003. It worked out pretty well. Facemash became Facebook and Mark is the CEO. It connects nearly a billion friends around the world and you probably use it every day!

What Builders do

A computer, smartphone, tablet or other such thing - no matter how cool - is just a hunk of hardware with an electronic brain. To do anything, the brain needs a “software” program – a set of instructions that tells it what to do. Every program works with information – also known as data. Builders write the software and organize the data that turn electronic brains into interesting, creative, fun, cool, social and useful parts of our lives.
CareerMash Builder jobs include:

  • A software programmer who builds, customizes and updates major solutions for organizations.
  • An apps developer who builds innovative apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and other smart mobile devices.
  • A Web developer who constructs and supports websites (like CareerMash!)
  • A game developer who brings game ideas to life.
  • A database manager who organizes and updates the mountains of information that are so critical to today’s exciting applications.
  • A specialist developer in any field – such as robotics, energy management, logistics or health.

Builders on CareerMash

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How to become a Builder

  • University programs in software engineering, computer science or a specialist mashup that excites you.
  • College programs in computer engineering, programming, software development, programmer analyst and specialized programs in any area.