Four kinds of CareerMash

LeaderEvery tech career fits into one of four categories: leader, innovator, builder or problem solver based on the type of work they do

Use these four CareerMash categories to start thinking about which area is the best fit. Or, if a particular career catches your interest, use its CareerMash category to understand the type of work involved and how to develop a roadmap that leads to a job. Here are short examples for each category:


Leaders mashup business and tech. They figure out how technology can help projects and organizations succeed. Leaders love to work with people and make change happen. Tech entrepreneur, IT consultant, systems manager, technical director on video games and business analyst are just some of the cool IT jobs that Leaders excel at.


Innovators mashup several areas of tech skills and knowledge to operate at the cutting edge of the new. They love to learn, analyze and create. Robotics engineer, data analytics specialist, game designer, health informatics analyst/consultant or mobile apps designer are some of the tech jobs occupied by Innovators.

builder iconBuilders

Builders turn great tech ideas and information into reality. They take big - sometimes complicated ideas - and bring them to life. You can find Builders working in IT jobs like mobile app developers, web developers, systems integrators, or database administrators.

problem solver iconProblem Solvers

Problem solvers set up, maintain, fix and answer everyone’s questions about technology. Whether on the phone, in a classroom, in the field or in a repair shop, problem-solvers make tech available to users. Video game testers, biomedical engineering technologists, IT tech support or electronics technicials are all Problem-solver tech careers.

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