What is a CareerMash Innovator?

Innovators apply in-depth technical skills and knowledge to find solutions to big problems

Innovators mashup big ideas in every area of life. Why is innovation important? It’s the future of everything.

Celebrity Innovators

  • James Cameron mashed up computers, film and storytelling to transform the movie industry with Avatar in 3D.
  • Dennis Hong designed a car for blind drivers!

What Innovators Do

Innovators are ambitious gurus who work at the cutting edge, in all sorts of places. They are:

  • University researchers mashing up their specialties with tech to open new vistas in every field. Economics professors use Google-like tools to mine business data for hidden trends. Biologists program computers to create dramatic animations of human cells and invent 3D molecules for curing cancer.
  • Arts and entertainment innovators like game designers who mash tech skills with storytelling, gameplay and visual design. Even the world-famous Cirque du Soleil is a high-tech spectacle that uses digital tools for visual effects and to coordinate of its stunning experiences. To do this, Cirque artists and directors must be tech savvy!
  • Innovation magicians inventing brain-controlled prosthetic arms and touchscreen displays that float in the air.
  • Corporate visionaries living at the cutting edge of the the future. They design mobile banking tools, smart power networks and electronic health systems that change the way we live.
  • Designers of smart machines that are behind everything we do every day – computers, robots, microelectronics, and communications devices. They mashup computer software with tiny, super-specialized physical inventions like sensor networks for smart green buildlings.

Innovators on CareerMash

Check out all the real life CareerMash Innovators such as:


  1. Think about what you are passionate about. Is it science, art, networking – whatever?
  2. Explore how tech mashes up with this field today.
  3. Imagine how it could change in the future.
  4. Explore college or university programs - anything from hardware engineering and life sciences to creative writing and digital arts. Match a program to your interests to design a pathway to your CareerMash dreams.