What is a CareerMash Leader?

Leaders mash up business and tech to help projects & organizations succeed

CareerMash leaders are the best-kept secret of the tech career world. They are some of the most influential and best paid, accounting for 200,000 of Canada’s 800,000 tech professionals That’s twice as many as just 10 years ago. And an estimated 50,000 new leaders will be needed from 2011 to 2016!

Celebrity Leader

Remember music CDs? Apple CEO Steve Jobs combined technical insight with business smarts to revolutionize digital music distribution with iTunes. He revolutionized mobile phones and mobile apps too with the iPhone and iPad. How did he do it? You might be surprised after you see this.

What Leaders Do

Leaders play pivotal roles in making change happen. For example, they:

  • Manage and lead tech organizations from small teams to large groups of a few thousand with the biggest global tech firms like Accenture and IBM.
  • Run the business side of tech start-ups as CEOs and leaders of sales, marketing or finance to help build something small into something very big.
  • Are business analysts who get hardcore business leaders working with tech specialists to figure out how to do stuff better, faster and cheaper.
  • Are project managers leading a team of builders to get a tech project done on time, on budget, and in line with what users expect. They connect the techies with the business folks so everyone is happy and there are no surprises.
  • Build careers as technology consultants who are trusted advisors on how tech can help solve the problems of an organization, a community and even the world!

Leaders on CareerMash

Check out all the real life CareerMash Leaders such as:

How to become a CareerMash Leader

Look into a Business Technology Management (BTM) degree!