What is a CareerMash Support Professional?

Problem-solvers set up, fix and answer everyone’s questions about technology

When you call your Internet provider or cable TV company for help because the system is down, the person on the phone is - in CareerMash lingo - a support professional. But that is only one of many support professional careers.

Joining Canada’s 250,000 strong tech support professional workforce is the quickest and easiest way to get into a tech career – typically via a two-year college program or employer training. According to recent US data, computer/engineering problem solver jobs pay 30% more than other jobs that require similar training!

What Support Professionals do

Support professionals are the hands-on specialists who set up and maintain the thousands of different computer-based technologies that we all rely on. They also provide support and hand-holding to people who need to learn about tech, or can’t get their tech to work quite right.

Support professionals combine knowledge of software, networking and hardware. They do installation, user training, quality assurance, telephone support, repairs and maintenance, upgrades – and much more. Support careers can start simple and progress to very sophisticated jobs.

Some support jobs and titles are fairly general: network technician, system administrator, help support, trainer, computer technician or quality assurance specialist.

Others are specialized according to unique technologies. Many tech companies provide training and professional certifications for their products. Their career paths start at an “entry” level and help you work your way up to a full fledged-professional through certification. Examples include Cisco networking, Microsoft desktop, and IBM social networking for business.

You can also mashup support with a field of your dreams like biomedical equipment, automotive electronics, audio/video technologies or sustainable energy management. 

Support Professionals on CareerMash

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How to become a Support Professional

  • Specialized community college programs
  • Training programs from tech companies
  • Training and certification from industry organizations like CompTIA
  • Private tech colleges and schools

video: How to become a computer technician