Business Analyst

If you want a career that’s guaranteed to be in demand for years to come, mash up business with tech to become a business analyst in any field that interests you - healthcare, government, financial services, travel, retail or even large sports organizations.

Business analysts are champion problem solvers who make sure both old and new technologies hum along at their full potential for helping an organization work faster and smarter.  A business analyst thrives on figuring out the complex issues that are common as organizations struggle to weave together many different kinds of technology in ways that will provide the best business benefits.

Business analysts don’t just identify problems and challenges. They also solve them by designing strategies and then leading teams from the start of a project through to final installation. Analysts even train the people who will use the technologies, ensuring everyone knows what tech is capable of achieving within their own special part of an organization.

For people who

  • Love to solve problems by researching and analyzing how tech can solve a business problem
  • Understand how technology and business fit together 
  • Question the status quo and constantly look for ways to achieve better results
  • Communicate clearly – whether writing a report, giving a presentation or collaborating with team members
  • Translate technical details in ways that are easy for non-technical people to understand
  • Can negotiate with different groups with different views on how a project should be done
  • Are detail and deadline oriented

Education pathways

There has never been a better time to learn to be a business analyst. Across Canada, universities now offer a new Business Technology Management (BTM) program that teaches state-of-the-art business analyst skills. The BTM is an initiative of the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills, the organization behind CareerMash.


Over the past 10 years, it's estimated that the number of business analysts employed in Canada has doubled to nearly 170,000 and the numbers continue to grow.

They are in big demand everywhere, Researchers list “information systems analysts and consultants” as one of Canada’s most in-demand, fastest growing tech professions over the past 10 years and well into the future. That`s because everyone needs business analysts to make sense of how technology and business can work together. Here are just a few examples of companies who hire business analysts - Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Bell Canada, BlackBerry, American Express and Deloitte. 

And, business analysts can rise quickly through an organization when they understand it inside out. Many end up in executive jobs.

Starting salary



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