Data analytics specialist


Pry magic secrets from mountains of info, like predicting death spirals in severely ill premature babies 24 hours before they happen.

Connected to: Big Data Analytics, Data Mining

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology and IBM invented a way to use data analytics to let doctors detect tiny changes in the bodies of critically ill premature babies at Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital.  The analytics approach often predicts life threats – such as massive bacteria attacks – 24 hours sooner than experienced nurses.  The software analyzes a massive, continuous stream of babies’ medical data (like heart rate and respiration), combined with environmental data. Now, hospitals around the world are starting to use the system.


Everything we do online - plus massive amounts of other data collected on all facets of life - is mined by data analysts to identify trends or isolate information that can lead to amazing breakthroughs in curing disease, predicting disasters in advance or preserving the environment.

The different types of data analytics careers are changing almost daily as new ways to mine data are made possible through software that can research valuable nuggets from just about any kind of data information.

Data analytics specialists are the sleuths of “Big Data”, as the field is often called. The best of them combine technical skills and specialized knowledge with creative genius. They cut through mountains of data to unveil hidden gems of insight – like the faint sign that a nasty bacteria could threaten a tiny baby’s life.

For people who

  • See patterns that others don’t
  • Think logically and outside the box
  • Love to use math and statistics to discover real world secrets

Education pathways

To join the data analytics wave of career opportunities, sign up for courses and programs in math, statistics, database, knowledge discovery, and data analysis or data mining. Also, learn about issues and decision making in a specialized field like marketing, healt care, or environmental management. Lots of programs – whether in computer science, marketing, or general business – have discovered the power of analytics. So check out the options, and get some advice on how to mash up a data analytics education that matches your interests. 


Companies like Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM are into analytics big time and hire talented analytics professionals. But that’s not all. Employers in every industry – from retail (Canadian Tire, Weston) to banking and insurance (National Bank, RBC, Scotia, TD, Manulife) - need analytics specialists to pry insights from massive amounts of data information. Even major league sports organizations rely on data analysts to give them an edge over the competition or to crunch data on athletes to make sure they're worth the big bucks asked for in salary negotiations.


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