Database Administrator

Database administrators make information accessible by designing and maintaining systems that store, organize and protect data.

Connected to:

Database analyst
Database designer
Manager database
Database architecture specialist


Database administrators handle all aspects of database management from design and implementation to security and daily operations like backup. Administrators oversee the management and operation of data and software databases while ensuring their integration and effectiveness. They work closely with database analysts, designers and network administrators.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure the design and setup of data mining software and databases operate at high efficiency and deliver consistent service to users.
  • Ensure systems backup and data recovery.
  • Solve data management challenges and ensure database optimization .
  • Enforce procedures and standards, data protection and management.
  • Work closely with users to advise and support them on database use.

For People Who

  • Are skilled in mathematics.
  • Understand the types of data that companies manage .
  • Know database standards and how to enforce them.
  • Lead projects to completion.
  • Understand database management systems , related software and programming languages.
  • Are knowledgeable about computer systems and environments.
  • Are team players who work well with others and are skilled in interpersonal relationships.
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Are highly organized and deadline oriented.
  • Are good listeners
  • Are adaptable to evolving changes in database management.

Education Pathways

Database administrators enter this career through various education and experience pathways :

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, management information systems or mathematics
  • College computer science programs combined with relevant experience
  • Certification in specific database software programs such as Oracle or Microsoft.


The database administrator is an entry-level position in most organizations. In general, companies hire people into the job with two years experience or less. Administrators begin as entry-level, then advance to senior database administrator roles or strategic management.

Median Salary

$ 74,000
Source: Compensation TECHNOCompétences 2010.

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