Electronics Technician

Commercial buildings use 14 percent of energy consumed in Canada and make up 13 percent of its carbon footprint. But with new electronic sensor networks, ‘smart buildings’ will control their own energy use, lowering heat or lighting the instant a person leaves an office. Watch this National Research Council video on how electronic sensor networks will bring intelligence to buildings to make them greener and healthier.

Giving Electronics a Fix

Electronics already control just about everything we depend on each day from computers and iPods to fridges and furnaces. Soon, we’ll also have a range of electronic sensor networks to remotely control our indoor environments, track every product we buy and continually broadcast our vital signs to our personal healthcare file.  When something goes wrong with one of our electronic addictions, we depend on technicians to give our electronics a fix.


Anyone who gets a buzz of satisfaction from diagnosing problems, then fixing them, makes a great electronics technician. It also helps to be endlessly curious about how things actually work – like someone who can’t resist taking something apart even when it’s not broken.  Electronics technicians run the range in personality types too. Some prefer to work alone all day, immersed in circuits and testing gear. Others take to the road, working closely with customers to solve their electronic problems.

For people who

  • Are happiest solving problems
  • Are very attentive to detail
  • Can translate technical instructions into real-world solutions
  • Continually want to learn about the latest electronics applications

Education pathways

Some community colleges offer co-op programs to earn while you work toward a diploma or trade certification. There are programs that focus on specialties like computer electronics, aviation electronics and biomedical electronics. Bachelor degrees related to electronics technician careers include electronics engineering, computer engineering and engineering physicals.


Electronics technicians are found in many different industry sectors, the military, and government departments. Electronics expertise can also be mashed up with a specialty in sectors like healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace, aviation, petroleum refineries or electrical utilities.

Starting salary

$27,000 to $37,000


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