Graphic designer

Graphic designers create powerful visual images to support a wide range of information such as company websites, product brochures and other marketing services.

Connected to:

  • Graphic artist


Graphic designers provide the visual or audiovisual  interpretation of information for such vital business functions as websites, sales collateral or executive presentations. Designers often work with system integrators and programmers responsible for the animation on artistic projects like video games and mobile apps. Designers must demonstrate both technical and artistic skills to convey information as graphic and visual content.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Understand the technical prerequisites of information scenarios.
  • Create visual content including characters, backgrounds, calligraphic elements, montages of images and texts, graphs, data tables.
  • Conduct, organize and structure various elements found within content to facilitate the best understanding and use of information.
  • Understand the technical features of the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Constantly look for new tools in computer graphics to improve design.

For People Who

  • Know Internet technologies, multimedia and graphics software.
  • Learn and adapt quickly to new tools.
  • Can install a computerized presentation.
  • Know the various equipment and materials required to design visual material, sound and video.
  • Meet the standards established for implementation of a project.
  • Can work in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Are thorough and detail oriented.
  • Are creative.
  • Have strong analytical skills and are open to criticism.
  • Can follow specific instructions
  • Have strong organizational skills.
  • Are methodical.
  • Are skilled in art design.
  • Have strong initiative.
  • Are team players.
  • Are flexible.

Education Pathways

Several combinations of education and experience may be followed to become a graphic designer. These include:

College degree in graphic design, graphic art, computer graphics or animation.
University degree in graphic communications, graphic design, arts, visual arts or visual arts.


In general, companies looking for graphic designers require two years experience or less. The graphic designer is often considered an entry level position. Designers usually start at the entry level and eventually progress to more senior design roles as they gain experience. It is strongly recommended that you compile a portfolio of projects and works that demonstrate artistic talent. The quality of the portfolio, technical and artistic skills largely determine the choice of a candidate.

Median Salary

$ 43 000

Source: Compensation TECHNOCompétences 2010

Salary Forecasting (three to five years)

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