Health informatics analyst/consultant

Across Canada, the best medical specialists can now treat patients in remote regions without ever leaving their big city offices. Canada is a global leader in telehealth which connects doctors with patients by video. Telehealth services are just one way the health informatics revolution improves care by making it more accessible and efficient. Watch how a doctor who was an eight-hour drive away helped a boy’s crippled hand.

Champions of Digital Healthcare

Telehealth in Canada not only delivers improved care remotely but can also help the environment by eliminating 47 million kilometres of patient travel, equal to taking 2,700 cars off the road each year. Health informatics professionals are champions of anywhere, anytime access to digital healthcare by implementing the latest communications and information technologies. They also assure a constant flow of medical data to save lives and cut costs for cash-strapped healthcare systems.


The health informatics field is just beginning to revolutionize healthcare through telehealth and other initiatives such as digitizing every Canadian’s health records.  So this is a great time to get into this field as it gets ready to take off. Medical records will be available instantly when needed – anytime, anywhere in the world. Informatics professionals ensure behind-the-scenes computing technologies and communications networks provide flawless support. They take pride that their work saves lives in the information-rich health systems of the 21st century.

For people who

  • Understand the real-world healthcare benefits of information systems
  • Think critically and are innovative problem solvers
  • Are leaders in managing projects and resolving conflicts
  • Work well in multidisciplinary teams

Education pathways

University degrees related to health informatics can include courses in life science, information technology, online health data standards, strategic planning and project management. Because the field continues to evolve with each new advance in technology, health informatics graduates are in demand as technology administration leaders and researchers of new applications.

Check out the Health Informatics Education in Canada compiled by Canada’s Health Informatics Association.


Careers in health informatics aren’t limited to hospitals and government agencies. Information technology suppliers, and consulting firms like Accenture, Bell Canada, CGI, Deloitte, and Ericsson rely on health informatics professionals to help medical facilities design systems specific to their needs.


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